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In The Mood, 5/12 available
Prima and Fina Para In the Mood, 5/12 available
Cast bronze pair on granite
16x14x 6"

This pair of maternal forms in close proximity on Absolute Black Granite connotes the mother/ daughter relationship or younger and more mature mother to be. Their placement only a little away from each other and facing outward, on firm ground is part of the relative tension that occurs that brings depth to my concept. They are originally from altered extrusions in clay, now cast in silicon bronze. Abstracted but referring to female form as vessel,but not, they are full but empty, dressed but nude, hollow tubes tubes, only resembling the human form. Cast on order.(3 months delivery) French Brown, Green, Black or variegated patinas & may vary by choice. Granite weight. may vary. Bronzes may be purchased separately from base, please contact
Shipping is not included in this price. about 50 pounds, exact wt after casting